Wesley LeMahieu

  1. Conduit Health, the 4th startup

    I'm currently part of a motivated team of bright individuals with an important goal of improving accessibility to medical equipment by making it easier for patients to obtain items through the marketplace.

  2. Crystal Bays, the 3rd startup

    I was the sole engineer at Crystal Bay Software, a San Francisco, CA based startup focused in cloud-based software solutions for the mental health industry.

    Our sole client was LifeStance (formerly PCPA) and our goal was to provide seamless user experience for hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients.

  3. Delmondo, the 2nd startup

    I began working as the 2nd engineer for Delmondo, Inc., a social media video analytics startup. This was my first small start-up experience where the total company size was only four people when I joined.

    Our team was very agile and worked in bleeding-edge technologies. After a couple of years, we were acquired by Conviva.

  4. Moved to Las Vegas, Nevada

    My wife and I decided that life in LA was too stressful and expensive. With aspirations of home ownership and greater savings, we decided to move pack up and move to the blistering hot desert of Las Vegas, NV.

  5. Media Temple, the 1st startup

    I realized my true passion was with internet technology & software and quickly began my career at Media Temple, Inc. located in Culver City, CA.

    This fast-paced web hosting startup was fixated on providing industry-leading customer service & reliable website hosting for thousands of customers in North America.

    I started as a tech support agent, assisting over 10,800 businesses & customers resolve their real-world problems relating to websites & email and soon began developing software to solve internal company needs.

    I'll always cherish my ~9-year tenure here which to me was better than a college education. It was a software development & leadership skills incubator. I received more hands-on experience and real-world training than any CS degree could have provided.

    I successfully jump-started my career as a software engineer and proudly helped win the company Stevie Awards and be acquired by GoDaddy, Inc.

  6. Moved to Los Angeles, California

    My friend and I decided it would be fun to move to LA and pursue a 1-year degree in film at the Los Angeles Film School. I trekked across the country in my white honda civic, packed to the brim with my belongings and soon began a new life chapter. While attending school, my friend and I were fortunate enough to make connections and began a film & art internship for Clive Barker the creator of Hellraiser working almost daily in his 3 Beverly Hills mansions.

  7. Graduated High School

    I made some of my best friends in high school up in freezing cold, yet absolutely beautiful Northern Minnesota. I Graduated Pequot Lakes High School on the B honor roll.

  8. Accepted into SCU

    Although I was unsure of my career choice, I applied with recommendations and was accepted into Santa Clara University to pursue a degree in accounting. I ultimately felt it was not for me and decided not to go.

  9. 3 school district changes

    Change was a common theme for our family. We first moved into a bigger house which changed my elementary school. A few years later, I would go to a different middle school than expected. After middle school, my Mom and I moved 3 hours north where I made brand new friends in high school.

  10. Traveled domestically as a minor

    After my parents separated, I began traveling every year as a minor to sunny San Jose, California to visit my father. I really enjoyed visiting California and thought I might want to live there one day.

  11. Built my first computer

    With the guidance of my oldest brother, Colin, I learned how to build my very own computer using individual hardware components which enabled me to dive into the world of mIRC, Napster, Half-Life, Team-Fortress Classic and Counter-Strike.

  12. Created my first website

    I created my first website, a simple page filled with my favorite images and quotes for the popular show 'The Simpsons' using HTML & CSS, hosted on GeoCities.

  13. The 2nd computer - Micron Millenia

    Our family's second computer, a Micron Millenia - Pentium II 266 was my first step into multiplayer PC gaming. I played first-person shooters such as Doom and Quake I competitively on MPlayer.com which later became Gamespy.

  14. The 1st computer - Gateway 2000

    My parents purchased our first family computer, the Gateway 2000 4DX2-66V, where I learned to use Windows 95 and played games like Reader Rabbit, Number Munchers and Wolfenstein 3D.

  15. Hello World!

    I was brought into the world in 1987 in St. Paul, Minnesota (also known as "The Star of The North" or "Land of 10,000 Lakes") by my wonderful parents, father Ed and mother Lisa.